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Bad Science and Sexual Assault Allegations

Few criminal allegations create stronger emotions or more derisive divisions than allegations of sexual Attorney Jaye L. Rancourt assault. The emotionally charged nature of sexual assault allegations can cloud the judgment of all those involved. Sexual assault cases are difficult cases for both prosecutors and defense counsel. These difficulties can, and have, lead to the introduction of what is now believed to be “junk science” in sexual assault cases. This “junk science” has been introduced, and/or attempted to be introduced, to explain away contradictory, non-sensical, and sometimes false testimony of complaining witnesses in sexual assault cases.

The Atlantic has recently published a series of articles including, The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault. This article is a must read for all those involved in either defending or prosecuting sexual assault cases. While prosecuting and defending sexual assault cases will remain difficult and emotionally charged, participants in the criminal justice system must attempt to rise above the emotional hysteria and avoid the introduction of junk science into the criminal justice system.